Michigan Lagottos

About The Breed


Believed to be the ancestor of modern water dogs, the Lagotto Romagnolo, or “Romagna Water Dog,” is a hardworking, energetic and loyal dog from the Italian countryside. They can be dated back to 1200 A.D. 

Though bred for water work, the breed’s sharp sense of smell and strong tracking skills make the Lagotto Romagnolo a popular truffle hunter. 

AKC recognized them in 2015. There are only 500 registered Lagottos in the USA to date! They are very rare. 

They are hypoallergenic and do not shed. My friend has a son that is extremely allergic to dogs and a Lagotto does not affect him at all. 


Eager to please, the Lagotto is affectionate and undemanding. Loyal, intelligent and athletic. They excel at AKC events such as Agility, Rally, Obedience, Fly Ball, Dock Diving, Therepy Dog  and many more.



Males — 17 to 19 inches at the withers; Females — 16 to 18 inches at the withers


24 to 35 pounds


Brown, brown roan, off-white, orange, white/brown, or white/orange


Hypoallergenic, non shedding. Soft, curly locks.